Looking for a quality constructor for your next project?


Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management:

C&W has the knowhow and proven track record to provide a complete EPC solution for your next project. C&W Offshore and our close network of expert companies will ensure that your project is done right. From a fabricated assembly with a complete electrical and piping package as a standalone unit to interfacing with other subcontractors on a mega project, C&W can make it happen. Whether it’s a custom designed and built subsea intervention tool; a process skid for an onshore facility; a helideck for an offshore installation; or anything in between, we can do that too. We view your success as our success.


If it’s made from metal, we can make it.

C&W Offshore is a truly full service fabrication facility. We regularly assist our clients by fabricating anything from pipe supports to massive 200 plus ton modules for their offshore platforms. Our team of experienced professionals know how to complete your projects on time, and on budget. We have some of the best tradespeople in the business and we have the certifications to prove it.

Our structural steel welding is certified to CWB 47.1. This includes CWA W59-13, Annex U which is the most recent standard for offshore welding of Fixed Steel Offshore Structures. For pressure piping, C&W is certified to ASME standards via Service NL and DNV. We can weld pressure pipe for Carbon Steel, Low Temp Carbon Steel, and also Duplex, Super Duplex, Stainless Steel and Aluminum, at the Industrial facility in Bay Bulls. C&W is continuing to invest in its capabilities and we are in the process of testing procedures for Titanium, 6MO and Copper Nickle.

Industrial Coatings:

C&W has added a 4000 ft2 (372 m2) state of the art painting facility. This new facility is fully code compliant and has been carefully engineered, designed, and tested to be respectful to the environment and our neighboring businesses. Our facility meets both the National Building Code as well as the NFPA for fire safety. The entire facility is PLC controlled, and fitted with explosion proof fixtures in the paint hall, allowing us to use the entire volume of the building for painting. Additionally, there are two makeup-air units providing over 100,000 CFM of heated fresh air as well as over 8 million BTU’s of heat to assist in paint curing.

One of the primary sources of environmental waste from traditional coating work is the disposal of sandblasting media. Our facility uses steel grit instead of traditional blasting media such as copper slag or coal slag. The steel grit can be used up to 100 times, whereas traditional abrasives are single use. This potentially keeps 140 tons of waste out of the local landfill annually. The grit is swept/shoveled into a recovery trough where it is automatically drawn into a dust collector so that dust and other impurities can be removed. The now clean grit is sent to a storage hopper for re-use.


Lifting and Weighing:

Our services don’t end on the fabrication floor; C&W can offer many services outside of its normal scope of operations. We recently purchased an Enerpac Evo Syncrenous Lift System which is capable of lifting and weighing modules of up to 300 T. This system can also find the center of gravity and has a calibrated weighing accuracy of 0.5%. We have an array of custom lifting stands which we can utilize for a variety of different situations.

Cutting Services:

C&W can offer cutting services for multiple materials in various processes. We have waterjet, laser and high definition plasma cutting for plates as thin as 24ga and as thick as 6”. We also have a 5-axis beam cutting machine which can cut and edge prep beams up to 48” wide.