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Hebron east lifeboats station

C&W Offshore Ltd was awarded a fabrication contract by WorleyParsons Canada and ExxonMobil Canada Properties for the Hebron East Life Boat Station (ELBS) in the last quarter of 2013. The ELBS is a rectangular shaped deck structure with approximate overall dimensions of 19m long x 16m wide x 10m high with a total dry outfitted weight of 190 tons. C&W Offshore was responsible for all fabrication engineering, fabrication, coatings, and outfitting including safety systems and E, I &T scopes. Like the WLBS this structure also included a top tubular structure which allowed the complete ELBS to hang from the topsides living quarters via 2 pin connections in the tubulars. These connections were also machined on site to correspond to the connection points on the UPM. This tubular structure was comprised of approximately 20 tons of steel ranging in size from 273mm – 450mm OD. Due to the size of the structure and the requirement to transfer it to our client at a marine port C&W Offshore completed the fabrication in modules that could be transferred from our fabrication facility to our newly constructed coating facility and then by road to the Bay Bulls Marine Terminal. The largest module was the center section that left our facility as a fully enclosed 55 ton box type structure, which was fabricated and painted at C&W’s facility, then road transported to the assembly site. Once at the marine site all modules were positioned on 1 meter high adjustable fabrication stands and connected. Temporary enclosures were used to facilitate the final welding, coating and E,I&T scopes. Based on the design a significant portion of welding was classified as confined space and at times 6-8 staff were inside the structure. All fabrication was completed according to the latest industry specifications including W59.2 and Annex U and CNLOPB guidelines. The project was complete in Dec of 2015 with transfer to client and loadout via SPMT’s in January of 2016.