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Paint Facility

C&W Offshore is a 100% Newfoundland and Labrador owned and operated fabrication company, servicing the offshore oil and gas industry.

C&W Offshore was incorporated in December 2004, with the goal providing fabrication and associated support services to companies involved in the Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. After 5 months operating in a small rented warehouse, C&W took over an existing fabrication company called Garland Systems, as its current owner wished to retire. This facility was approximately 8000 square feet of fabrication space as well as 2000 square feet of offices. C&W operated here for approximately 5 years until it was determined that in order to grow and maintain the highest level of service to our clients, a new custom built facility was needed. C&W moved into its new and current facility in April 2010. This facility had a 12,000 square foot fabrication high bay with 50 tons of lifting capacity and 3500 square feet of offices. The fabrication bay includes custom features such as oversized doors, built in test pad and 33’ below the hook height.

Recently, C&W has added a 4000 square foot state of the art painting facility. This new facility is fully code compliant and has been carefully designed to be respectful to the environment and to the neighboring businesses. On the sandblasting side, steel grit is used instead of traditional blasting media such as copper slag or coal slag). The steel grit can be used up to 100 times, whereas traditional abrasives are single use. This potentially keeps 140 tons of waste out of the local landfill annually. The grit is swept/shoveled into a recovery trough where it is automatically drawn into a dust collector so that dust and other impurities can be removed. The now clean grit is sent to a storage hopper for re-use. For painting, there are two makeup-air units providing over 100,000 CFM of airflow as well as over 8million BTU’s of heat to assist in paint curing.The entire facility is PLC controlled, and is also fitted with explosion proof fixtures in the paint hall, so that the entire volume of the building can be used for painting.